Social Enterprise Expertise

Social Enterprise is a great way of creating amazing social change!

But sometimes you need a bit of help to reach your goals. You know you could do more if your business was more streamlined and productive, but you need either the time or the know-how to get there. Familiar? I can help.

With over twenty years’ experience in running and supporting social enterprises, you can be sure that I have a way to overcome your challenges. I work with you to work out your priorities and find solutions to your most pressing problems.

Whether you are trying to get your business off the ground, want to get it to the next level, or just need an extra pair of hands to complete a key project,  I can help.

What do I know about Social Enterprise?

I draw on a long experience in the social enterprise sector. I am one of the very few people who have been at the sharp end of running a social enterprise and have experience of offering support to others through infrastructure & support bodies.

I founded and ran award-winning social enterprise Recycle-IT! for ten years, and in the last ten years have been CEO of infrastructure bodies Social Enterprise East of England, Social Firms UK and Social Firms England. Take a look at my LinkedIn profile for more information.

How can I help you? Here are just some ways…

Social enterprise business chartI support your social enterprises with bespoke business development to find a way through to the next level of your development.

Social Enterprise ResearchI find where the bottlenecks are in your processes, and make sure that you have the best systems in place to meet your goals.

social enterprise gearsI’m a great facilitator and can lead you and your team through a strategic and practical planning process to unlock ideas and enthusiasm for change.

social enterprise twitterI am a whiz at social media, and will help you set up a practical strategic social media plan – and train you and your team in how to use it with least time and most effect.

Social Enteprise networkingI organise unforgettable conferences, seminars and events that leave people talking about your cause or product for months.

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