Well Organised Services


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Do you have an idea for a new social enterprise? I work with you to develop and test your plans. I bring experience of start-up and a wealth of contacts to support you to develop a business plan and to gather support.


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As your business grows, the decisions become complex. I support you as you think through the challenges. Together we identify the crucial next steps, review your business goals and create a plan for success.

Public Sector Strategy

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Public Sector bodies concerned about social inclusion know that social enterprise is a great way to deliver services. I support you in creating employment for people who are job-disadvantaged and require additional support.


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Could your charity or service be more enterprising? Do you need assistance to identify what is commercial about your organisation, how you can monetise your expertise or how your services can be more self-sufficient? I’ll help you!

Social Media

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Social Media is really effective marketing for social enterprises. Do you make the most of its potential? I help you choose the right ones to use and develop a strategy. I train your team to use it well in just a few minutes a day.

Training and Facilitation

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I provide in-house bespoke training and facilitation in marketing, social media, process development, strategy, governance and structure among others. I train start-up and growth social enterprise cohorts UK and EU-wide.

Organisation and Process

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Robust organisation and processes are key to a great business. If you are overwhelmed with paper or emails, or just need to get things done better and quicker, I can sort you out, and show you easy ways to stay in control.


Events and Conferences

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An AGM, a seminar, a conference or a dinner – I’ve done them all! I’ll produce a creative event that will attract the right people, make the right impact, and leave people talking about your cause or organisation for months.